Tuesday, November 25, 2003

Don Juan de Ateneo

* If you like theater costumes, watch "Don Juan" by Tanghalang Ateneo. The play is in Filipino and isn't the traditional depiction of Don Juan, but the costumes and the sets are fabulous.

* Il Ponticello on Valero Street serves a delicious ciabatta loaf with garlic butter for P25. You can get the ciabatta to go (they'll slice it for you), and they'll pack the garlic butter for you in a little container. Yum!

* Did you know that Säntis sells fresh blueberries? P358 for a small plastic container, about half the size of the usual strawberry containers sold in supermarkets. It's nice as a treat, but for that price, I think I'm better off with blueberry jam or pie filling.

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