Sunday, March 27, 2005

The House Jacks

The House Jacks performed last night at Fort Canning Green. We'd listened to a capella rock songs before (courtesy of the songs on my sister's Ipod) so we thought we knew what to expect from a band that "sings" instruments. Well, watching The House Jacks perform in person was really something else. On top of being talented vocal percussionists and singers, they've got a terrific sense of humor.

My favorite number was "The Lion Sleeps Tonight", done in the style of... Chinese opera. That was hilarious. Their U2 rendition ("All I Want Is You") was also good, although their "Harder to Breathe" was a tad too fast. They did about a dozen unpracticed requests but, sadly, weren't familiar with "Ants Marching".

While each of the House Jacks had distinct (and cool) personalities, the crowd favorite was bassist Bert Bacco. Donabel bought a CD on the way out, and we'll probably see them again the next time they visit Singapore.

We walked down Orchard Road and stopped at Round Midnight for a nightcap. It's a pleasant place to chill out; the choice of music makes it more of a Latin piano bar (is there such a thing?) than a jazz bar. The singer was a couple of songs late for the first set - it's our theory that she was watching the House Jacks and got stuck in the crowd buying CDs.

We were pleasantly surprised to discover that Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays are ladies' nights at Round Midnight, so Sarah, Donabel and I were treated to free cosmopolitans. The waiters were extremely efficient at refilling drink glasses and snack bowls, which meant our cocktails were constantly being topped up whenever we paused for breath.

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