Thursday, November 11, 2004

Motorcycles and Massages

Last weekend I took the basic Motorcycle Riders Course at the Fort. That's a story for another time; suffice it to say I learned a lot - including what not to do!

The class consists of 4 hours' lecture, and 2 half-days of riding practice. Although bike riding wasn't physically demanding, by the end of the first practice day I was sore all over from all the exercise! Probably because I didn't stretch before the class started. Who knew?

As soon as class let out, John and I escaped to our favorite pampering place, The Spa. The Jupiter street branch is convenient for Ayala office workers and Makati residents, and avoids the need to brave stress-inducing traffic on your way to your relaxation zone.

Like its larger cousin in Acropolis, The Spa in Bel-Air has a steam room, hot and cold pools, and a spacious lounge. Our Swedish massages left us both feeling as good as new.

While sipping ginger tea in the lounge, I leafed through a lifestyle magazine and spotted a handful of intriguing places to try out:
  • The Filipino-themed Mabuhay Spa at the Makati Golf Club on Malugay street.
  • Luxurious-looking Antulang resort in Negros.
  • Callospa in Antipolo (once I figure out where it is).

    I've added all three to my to-do list of places to go someday.

    I also read that The Spa in Acropolis now has a couples' massage room - time for us to check it out!


    For the Motorcycle Riders Course, call 550-1453 or 0917-460-2429, or visit their web site.

    For The Spa, call 895-5858 or 895-6868.


    The Spa is located at 50 Jupiter street, Bel-Air, Makati. If you're on Makati Avenue coming from Ayala, turn right on Jupiter (in the direction of Gerry's and Krokodile Grill). The Spa is just past Kaya.

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    At May 06, 2009 1:11 PM, Anonymous makati golf range said...

    the manila spa is no longer there. its now korean owned.


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