Friday, September 22, 2006

Settlers in Singapore

Carl and Kathy are visiting this week, and they've brought over a present guaranteed to cut our sleeping hours in half: the Cities and Knights expansion pack for Settlers of Catan.

The original Settlers game was a Saturday night staple for us back in Manila, and we've now learned that everyone else has since moved on to Cities and Knights - leaving us woefully behind. A situation soon to be rectified!

We started playing at 10 PM, with Carl explaining the rules as we went along. Knights, barbarians, commodities and city developments add more depth to the Settlers game, and the wide range of progress cards (replacing development cards) gives players a lot of flexibility. Carl's sheep and wool factory eventually propelled him into first place, but John put up a good fight... I sense a re-match in our immediate future. The game took three hours in all; as we become familiar with the new rules, games should go much faster.

Thanks, Carl and Kathy! It's great having you here, our home is always open to you and all of our friends.

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