Sunday, May 08, 2005

Exotic Dance

I finished my first exotic dance course today! We had six weekly sessions, each lasting 1 1/2 hours.

We had a lot of fun. Linna, Sarah, Sophie and Audrey (our teachers) did a great job of explaining the techniques and using humor to get us dancing well. Linna patiently took us through each new move, exaggerating any bad habits she spotted in our dancing to show us how unattractive it looks if you slouch!

The class is all-female (of course) and is conducted in a screened-off studio to give you lots of privacy. There were several first-time dancers in the class and it had a vibrant, easy-going atmosphere.

Linna is obviously very comfortable with her body and isn't afraid to laugh at herself. She's able to bring this same confidence out in her class (slowly!) and by the end of the second session most of the girls were moving fairly well.

It was great making some new friends in the class. Seeing the same faces each week makes us more comfortable with each other, and there's an indisputable camaraderie that comes out of struggling through those first few body waves together. In addition, Jes is a superb dancer so whenever I got lost I'd look over at her for the next move. :D

thebodytalks has a whole slew of classes available (3 levels of exotic dance classes, body rock, and exotic cardio, plus their salsa classes), so we spent a few minutes at the end of the class excitedly discussing our next choice. Unfortunately Bindi is flying to Taiwan for six weeks on holiday, so she won't be able to join us. She was pleading with Jes to wait for her return before signing up for Exotic 2, but we don't think we can go that long without our next exotic dance fix!

This must sound like a total advertisement for Linna and her crew. Her classes as a little more expensive than regular jazz or hip hop dance classes, but the quality of instruction makes the higher fee worthwhile.

I have to say - after six weeks of dancing on stiletto heels, walking on them is a piece of cake.

How to Join

Check out thebodytalks for schedules. Or, better yet, e-mail them at for the latest.

thebodytalks holds classes at Jitterbugs at Millenia Walk, DanceHub (14A Murray Terrace near Tanjong Pagar / Chinatown), and a few community centers around Singapore.

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At May 09, 2005 3:12 AM, Blogger mel said...

ako rin gusto ko nyan! although ako magaling magsalita pero baka ma-shy ako pag totohanan na. hehe. kailangan mag-perform ka para ma-convince ibang ladies to join.

At May 09, 2005 8:28 AM, Blogger Ching said...

hi mel! that's exactly how i felt when i started - i wanted to try it but i was kind of apprehensive. i did the trial class kind of on impulse (i was at the studio for the belly dancing trial class) and i found it was fun and not too hard. so ayun, got hooked.

at the end of the level 2 exotic class we're supposed to be able to make our own choreography and perform in front of the class (scary! at least we'll all be in it together). i've got six weeks to work up the courage :D


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