Sunday, October 08, 2006

Mooncake Madness

This week marks the end of the mid-autumn mooncake festival, during which restaurants throughout Singapore sell dozens of varieties of mooncakes in elaborate (and expensive) gift boxes.

We gave our French Brazilian visitors their first taste of mooncakes last weekend after capoeira class. Alex and I were overflowing with endorsements: "You've got to try these, they're good!" Unfortunately for Cabeça, we didn't realize that one of the mooncakes was a durian mooncake... you can imagine his surprise at the first bite.

Silvano described durian to Cabeça in Portuguese. We could see his eyes widening and his grimace deepening with each word.

No amount of encouragement would get him to try the green pandan mooncakes after that experience, although they were a big hit with the rest of the group.

Our apologies, Cabeça!

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