Sunday, October 08, 2006

Taka Roda Revisited

Last night's street roda and capoeira demonstration at Takashimaya was a lot of fun, drawing a crowd of 50 to 60 spectators and brimming with axé. One grandfather got carried away and was energetically clapping to the atabaque's beat the entire time.

This month's roda coincided with Singapore Sports Council's Women's Day Out, bringing a party feel to the whole area.

Bruno and Cabeça showed off with aerials, back handsprings, and back flips, so I happily entered the roda with a round-off of my own. It'll be a long while before I can follow that through with a back handspring on concrete, and somehow I can't see myself lugging gymnastics mats to Orchard road just so I can do a few flips.

With all these stunts going on, at least I didn't have to watch out for a cabeçada (headbutt) to the stomach as I did my cartwheels!

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