Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Greenbelt Dinner, Drinks, and Dessert

Note: For those who haven't read the previous post, I was in Manila this week... so all of these places are in Makati, not Singapore :)

Saw some very good friends on Monday in Makati, and went on a food trip at the same time. Pia organized lunch at Racks... yum, I didn't realize I missed their barbeque sauce so much.

In the evening I walked over the Greenbelt and saw some friends who couldn't make it for lunch. Diane was the first to arrive, so we met at an old favorite - Cafe Breton. The crepes are as good as ever. Saving room for restaurant-hopping, so... no dessert crepe for us.

Two friends later, John Q arrived and came up with the brilliant idea of moving to the Ayala Museum Cafe. I'd been meaning to go but had never been. The menu offerings are, to say the least, interesting. We decided to pass on the jackfruit desserts and cucumber & sake cocktails. The brazo de limon was delicious though, and the lychee & lemongrass cocktail was not bad.

With dinner and drinks over, our next stop was the chocolate fondue at Max Brenner. Another favorite. Four more friends arrived to help finish off the food. Sadly strawberries were out of season so we had to make do with apples and marshmallows. Jon Co had a field day finishing up the bananas, which nobody else wanted to touch. After all, between marshmallows and bananas there was just no contest. :)

Diane is wonderful. Before we all parted ways for the evening, she handed me a care pack with my Philippine food essentials - several packets of champorado! So even though I didn't get to do any shopping, I still got my must-have groceries.

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