Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Blogger Buzz About Google Docs

While neither Google Docs - formerly Writely - nor Google Spreadsheets are particularly new, their combination into Google Docs & Spreadsheets (how creative) has spawned a flurry of blog posts with commentary on what people think about the two apps.

What people are saying about Google Docs & Spreadsheets...

  • Writely's "all gone Google on the interface" - Simon Wakeman

  • "The document writer however doesn’t seem as good as fckeditor or some of the other online rich text editors." - Paul Bain

  • "Google Grows Up, Gets An Office." - GigaOm

  • "Note to Google: next time please invite me to your blogger previews! What am I, chopped liver?" - Read/WriteWeb

  • "Forget the world. Google wants to take over peoples’ lives." -

    Thanks for bearing with my temporary Google fixation, we'll be back to our regular food and travel programming shortly...

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