Friday, July 06, 2007

Chocolate Tasting

A small box of Laurent Bernard chocolates was waiting for me at the office when I returned from Ko Phi Phi - a token of appreciation for a good quarter.

Laurent Bernard chocolatesI liked the chocolates at Laurent Bernard's Chocolate Factory when it opened (although the service was another story), and this box was as good as the first one.

My home's nowhere near a good chocolatier, so I have to ration my goodies carefully - which is tough when there's two of you raiding the fridge! The orange-and-marzipan Alhambra nearly seduced me into eating the whole box at one go, but the strong cinnamon flavor of the Balthazar choc abruptly restored my self-discipline. Call me uncultured, but I like my cinnamon in hints - not heaps.

Speaking of chocolate, the National Museum is holding a Know Your Chocolate lecture on September 15, 2007:

Can you tell the difference between a good chocolate bar and a great one? Does having a higher percentage of cocoa in a chocolate bar necessarily translate into a superior taste experience? Is single estate chocolate merely a marketing ploy?

This lecture traces the origins of our favourite deep, dark indulgence and teaches you how to tell the difference between different kinds of chocolates. As part of this sinfully rich course, participants will be treated to a chocolate tasting.
The lecture starts at 3 pm at the National Museum, and admission is S$35 per person.

The Food and Culture series runs from July to December and includes talks on local herbs and spices, the art of the high tea, and classic cocktails. Participants can book online at the National Museum web site.

I'm still a little skeptical about this one - I'd rather spend my S$35 on chocolate - but will think about going with some chocoholic friends.

What others are blogging about the Food and Culture lecture series
  • "A really fun project that S has been spearheading is the development of a new series of public programmes for the National Museum of Singapore." - Chubby Hubby

  • "despite of what i said about the NM in an earlier entry, i am actually a fan of it after its revamp!" - faizis

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At September 02, 2008 6:01 AM, Anonymous PowderLover said...

My mouth is watering for chocolate. I can feel it melting on my tongue, oozing down my throat and satiating my belly.



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