Sunday, November 25, 2007

Life: A Doublebill

Last night I went to see Life: A Doublebill at the Drama Centre Black Box. Both plays, Implosion and Just Late, were good - funny scripts and good delivery. This was the first play I've seen in Singapore that didn't have a Q&A session at the end!

I'm looking forward to seeing more plays by the same creative teams: Lionel Chok (director) and Suzanne Choo (writer) from Implosion, and Christina Sergeant (director) and Dora Tan (writer) from Just Late. I enjoyed watching Shem Teo's portrayal of a Tourette's sufferer and Jasmine Yong's filling in as Anita. She was so funny - and to think she stepped into the role at the last minute because the original actress was ill. And Dick did well too, of course, as the doctor with a slight obsessive-compulsive bent himself.

It's always great meeting more people who like going to the theater. Anna and I were there with Ash, who was there with her friends because of Dick, who was acting in Implosion. It was complicated trying to explain to Ash's friends how I'd met her!

Anna, Ash, and I have common friends who all play in the same band. When we say that, people always ask, "So, do you play any instruments?" It's funny. As if hanging out with someone who's musically inclined means some of their talent rubs off on on us. :)

Ash and friends are going to catch Lord of the Flies in December, hope I can free up enough time to join them.


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At January 27, 2008 4:36 PM, Anonymous Flavor said...

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