Monday, August 08, 2005

Zouk and Phuture

After a leisurely weekend in Phuket, we returned to Singapore.

Spent our first Friday back meeting up with classmates and teachers from my exotic dance class. John came along too - imagine one guy at dinner with four girls, all talking about great exotic dance routines or horrendous salsa partners. One of Linna's gay friends joined us later - he's one of the two gay men who generously serve as practice partners during their lap dance workshops.

Dinner itself was nondescript. My chicken risotto was ok, not outstanding. The decor at the Gallery Hotel's Zenden restaurant reminded us of an airplane lounge. Hmm. They've got interestingly shaped glasses though, and decent chocolate coffee cake.

Our next stop was clubbing at Zouk. Or, rather, the Zouk complex. I can see how having four clubs in one location can facilitate bar-hopping for the sobriety-challenged. However, it does have its disadvantages... through some fluke, our party of six ended up split between Phuture, Zouk, Velvet Underground and Wine Bar. I never even got to meet up with the friend I was there to see!

The dance floor at Phuture was literally packed wall-to-wall with people. Nevertheless, we bravely plunged into the crowd. We squeezed our way along the side of the dance floor over to the bar. Now I know how people get crushed in stampedes - there was one point where my feet almost lifted off the floor. Thankfully John was holding on to me and helped me keep my balance.

Zouk was much roomier. In fact, it had plenty of space for dancing. Of course, that may have been because the Zouk music that Friday left something to be desired...

After a while we thought of looking for our other friends at Velvet. Too late though - since we'd entered and paid at Phuture, our stamps got us admission only to Phuture and Zouk. We'd have to pay again if we wanted to enter Velvet; so at that point we decided to call it a night.

Getting There

The Gallery Hotel is at 76 Robertson Quay.

Zouk is at 17 Jiak Kim street, beside the Grand Copthorne Waterfront hotel. Entrance was S$25 per person, on a Friday night after 10 pm.

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